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Double Rods for curtains

If you are getting bored with static single-layered curtains and want to add a more appealing look to your room then you must go for changing the way your curtains are hanging. Double Curtain rods Abu Dhabi the modern enhancement in upgrading your way to hang curtains.

These curtain rods add an inviting effect to your home decor and make your curtains look more appealing to anyone who enters your house. They allow you to hang a double layer of curtains giving your place a tasteful and attractive look.

Make Your Windows More Elegant By Adding Our Double Curtain Rods Abu Dhabi  

Double fabric curtain rods come in many different designs providing endless options to make your windows more elegant. At you will find these rods in traditional, casual, and contemporary designs. These are specially manufactured for double curtain designs that are now available in many versatile ranges of a mixture of different fabrics that are made to hang together to look aesthetically charming.

The double curtain rods add a designer look and give a two-dimensional effect to your windows by hanging both sheer and thick fabric at the same time. Make the right decision and choose the beautiful rods for your curtain that compliment your interior too.

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Let your creativity shine with Double Curtain Rods

If you are creative enough to decor your home with unique designs then Double Curtains Rods are great to show your creativity by hanging the best design of the double fabric curtains that will give a royal feel to your home. We at curtains blind. ae sell these double curtain rods in Abu Dhabi holder brackets in many forms, from brass and metal to wooden and aluminum ones.

If you are going with a rustic, Italian Spanish look choose the wrought iron rods. Think of brass for the French theme and chrome curtain rods for a modern look. Choose the best from walnut, cherry, oak, mahogany and bamboo rods and carved finials ones.


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How to install Double Curtain Rods Abu Dhabi?

The installation of double rods is very easy and is the same as single ones.

  • First, decide where to add the double curtain rod brackets.
  • While installing the double curtain design rods the curtains should be placed two to four inches above the frame, and for the width, double curtain rods Abu Dhabi should be 2 inches out from each window.
  • Set the position, mark the holes, and use three screws for each bracket.
  • Now your double rods are ready to hang the curtains to enhance the look of your space.
  • If you are worried about how it will fit, then relax. We will fit it for you.
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If you are looking for Beautiful rods for your curtains then we are here for you. Choose us as we are here to provide you the best double curtain rods in Abu Dhabi and perfect fitting. Get your rods installed with us and make your home a perfect inviting place. So, what are you waiting for? Go with and enjoy the modern idea of adjustable rods.

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